Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Every Monday Origami Do workshop

Every Monday at SIQA, Origami Do workshop is held, coordinated by Lukasz Samulnik, but in the last 3 weeks it was gone, and I, Raisa Budau, new volunteer came from Romania, I cover Lukasz to coordinate this workshop.
Origami Do..., is a activity that develop your ability to work whit your hand and test your nervs. For 3 weeks I work whit a variable number of childrens, whit them we tryed to do different model, like butterflies and flowers, hearts and „crazy” pandas, cats, triangles and shirts, and in the last meeting we tried to make some boxs in different forms.
In this meetings I redescover that working whit young people it is inspiring and also can be fun and filled whit energy or can lose all.

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